Basic Rules and Etiquette

BANG events should be safe and welcoming for everyone. Be considerate of other people's feelings. Be especially considerate and supportive of newcomers.

BANG is a nudist group, so guys are expected to be nude whenever practical. Jewelry and decorations are OK. Costumes at designated events are OK. An especially nervous first-time guest can ask to remain covered for a portion of his first event.
Please bring a bath towel. Sometimes a quick cover-up is needed. But more importantly, sitting on your own towel is more sanitary than sitting on bare furniture. Note: a facecloth is not a towel.
Bags and Security
There's always a spot to toss your clothes, but it's good to bring a bag to keep your stuff separate. Don't bring too many valuables, we don't have a security staff.
Drugs and Alcohol
Some events allow alcohol. Drink responsibly. Membership can be terminated if drinking becomes a problem. There is zero tolerance for illegal drugs at our events (including pot and poppers). Membership can and will be revoked.
Food and Drink
It's great to bring food or drinks to share. However some guys can be injured by alcohol, shellfish, nuts, etc. Please label your offering to protect your friends.
Generally smoking is not allowed at BANG events. Hosts may designate a separate smoking area at some events.
Do not take pictures of people without their permission. Notify a host immediately if there is a problem.
Sexual Activity
BANG is not a sex club. Do not assume that people are there to play.
Take a shower before you arrive. Body odor may be a turn-on to some but it's definitely a turn-off for others.
Respecting Your Host
Most BANG events take place in private homes, therefore please:
  • Respect the host's property and any special requests he may make.
  • Stay in areas designated by the host. Don't wander into other areas of the house or surroundings.
  • Don't play with anybody's property without permission.
  • Be careful with food and drink. If you spill something, wipe it up or contact the host immediately.
  • Always clean up your trash -- don't leave it for the host to find later.
  • If you damage anything, tell the host immediately and also notify a Steering Committee member.
  • Don't arrive early or stay late without the host's permission.
  • Don't get your host in trouble with the neighbors. Dress conservatively when arriving and leaving. Park responsibly.
Reservations and Cancellations
Please make a reservation for any event you plan to attend. The host needs to know how many guests to prepare for, and some events have limited space. Also tell us if your plans change – there may be others on a waiting list.