Frequently Asked Questions

What is BANG?
BANG is a social naturist/nudist group for gay and bisexual men. We hold year-round events, both indoors and outdoors, and in private and public areas.
But why get naked?
Once you experience it, you will find it very liberating to throw away the social conventions about fashion and personal appearance. Each man is appreciated for who they really are – no attitude about age, race, weight, wealth, and so on.
Who thinks up the events?
You do! Event ideas come from the members, and happen whenever someone volunteers to host.
Who attends these events?
BANG members and their guests, prospective members, and other invitees. BANG events are not open to the general public, but just send email to our Events Coordinator for an invite. We're always happy to meet new guys. (18+ only)
I have some privacy concerns...
All personal information is confidential. We never give out information on members or guests – even within the group.
How do I join?
Please visit our Membership page.
Your events are held all over the place, and I don't have a car. How can I get to them?
If you need a ride to an event, ask the Events Coordinator. There may be somebody near you who can give you a ride.
I'm a little new to these things. Should I be nervous?
Everyone is a bit nervous their first time. We all remember that from our own first experience with social nudity: Will I get an erection? Am I not buff enough? But surprisingly, that nervousness disappears in a really short time, because it's obvious that nobody is judging you.
What are the ages of the people in the group?
We have members in their twenties, and even into their eighties. We also have Republicans and Democrats; Catholics, Wiccans, and atheists; skinny guys and fat guys; rich and poor. You don't come to show off, you come to make friends.
Well, I'm self-conscious about my [whatever]...
Everyone has a "something" that is "too something". Variation is what makes us unique, and is nothing to worry about.
Uh... what if I get an erection?
Erections happen. In general, no one will bring any attention to it and it will go away on its own. If you prefer, put a towel on your lap until it goes away.
What if I want to get to know someone a bit better?
Go right ahead. Many people have met through BANG and gone out on dates. However, intimate contact in a common area is discouraged.
... but I just GOTTA hook up!
Ask the host of the event if arrangements have been made to accomodate that.
I have some more questions. Who can I ask?
Send an email to BANG. We're always happy to help out.