Pot Luck Naturist Pool Party
Ipswich, MA

Co-Sponsored by the Maine Coast Solar Bares (MCSB)
and Naturist New Hampshire (NNH)

As some of you know, MCSB's Ogunquit (ME) location AND the Freeport (ME)
restaurant are both unavailable this winter. They have explored different
venues and have found a real oasis!

While they would prefer to be in central Maine to be true to the group's
name, this opportunity is too good to pass up.

We will gather Sunday January 3rd from 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM at:

   40 Turnpike Road (Route 1)
   Ipswich, MA

This beautiful pool is heated to 92 degrees and is larger than MCSB's usual
location. It also features much more deck space and electrical outlets. This
will be a true pot luck. Bring your hot plates and crock pots and we can
keep all the goodies steaming. Salads, cold plates, snacks & desserts are
also needed. The hosting clubs (see above) will provide soft drinks.

For this event you will have to bring your own towels and chairs. There will
be MASSAGE available. There will be one (and possibly 2) massage students at
the Spa. (As they are unlicensed, they can not charge; but be generous with
tips.) There is also a professional massage therapist available. Let us know
if there is any interest there.

This will be a combined pool party of NNH & MCSB so bring your membership
card for Maine Coast Solar Bares or Naturist New Hampshire.

Admission is $15 per person (NNH/MCSB members), $25 per person (non-members).

Yahoo Maps (this is an approximation): Aquaspa

Contact data for additional info or questions:



Note:  NEVER CALL OR E-MAIL THE HOST FACILITY.  Contact only the clubs that
are facilitating the rental.  The host facility will not be able to answer
your questions.  This is a private rental by MCSB and NNH.

Kudos to these two wonderful groups for locating this facility!


D. Kirkpatrick...... |